The Need For A Global Character Revolution

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I’m humbled at the opportunity to be part of this global community to learn as well as share ideas for the upliftment of the human spirit. The urgent need in the world today is not that of providing food to the hungry or jobs of the unemployed nor is it the need for finding vaccination for the chronic diseases of our time; rather, there is a crucial need to address the root of the problems that plague society today, that is, the need for the formation of a generation or a people of good character. Central to this is a theistic worldview not based on dogma or blind faith, but that built on the edifice of scientific understanding.

The tendency for society nowadays to throw the baby along with the bath water so to speak has resulted in the exclusion of religion or spirituality from the common space of our day-to-day activities and interactions. And why? Just because of a few immature individuals or groups who have abused their right for freedom of expression and worship by forcefully imposing upon others their level of immaturity lack of understanding.

Truly, the study and application of distilled religious principles or spirituality is a scientific endeavour, and not one based on blind acceptance. For instance, the understanding that we are the soul, the conscious being within the body, and not the body can be understood as follows:

Surely, we remember the time when we were a little boy or girl. We were playing with our friends doing this or that. We were there, weren’t we? And now, many years later, I am writing this post and you are here reading it. The body you had then was surely different from the body you have now. Not only is the body now bigger, but scientifically, the cells that make up your body at the molecular level are no more the same. After a 7-year period, you virtually have a different body. And so have I.

Putting two and two together: you were present when you were a child and you are present now, but the body you had as a child was different than the one you have now. Therefore, you are not this body. You are the conscious being aware of the changes to the body as well as of the surroundings. The symptom of life is consciousness, which can be experienced in a living body and not a dead one. This is science. Practical observation.

This basic knowledge of our identity as the soul or the conscious being constitutes the basic understanding of spirituality, the foundation of peace. Otherwise, the conflicts and strife seen in this world are based on the false notion that we are this body. Hence, we only identify with those who are in relationship with the body, be it familial, ethnical, national, communal, institutional or continental.

Currently the mechanistic worldview of life, where life is nothing but a combination of chemicals of no real value or meaning, has only led to the exploitation of the earth’s resources as well as of each other. We’re facing the danger of degenerating to a species lower than that found in the animal kingdom. A theistic yet scientific worldview is the only panacea to the milieu of problems we face today. Without further delay, let’s work together in the spirit of true unity and cultivate the human spirit of love and peace for today and for the generations to come.

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  1. Donn Richard says:

    I quite liked the final sentence in the piece: “Without further delay, let’s work together in the spirit of true unity and cultivate the human spirit of love and peace for today and for the generations to come”. Two thumbs up!
    Donn Richard!/profile.php?id=100000183403366

  2. sldd says:

    goodluck with a new blog..thx for sharing this..HK

  3. trata das says:

    very well done, the mercy of Sripad is flowing on you,……..Jay
    i wonder if i can have the opportunity to help u in this service. may be at least for one thing, it is that i am happy with what you doing

  4. Vaibhav says:


    i liked the ” wise words” and other different thoughts in this site. A very nice site to ‘ cultivate human spirit’

  5. Sunita Suri says:

    Connecting with the Universal Religion
    (Uploaded from New Dwarka–Los Angeles, California, USA)

    There are many billions of people throughout the world who consider themselves religious. Generally each of them adheres to a particular religious tradition, which is in many ways similar and also in many ways different from other religious traditions. Often, they consider that their tradition is the only valid tradition, and that others who are not participants in their tradition are lost souls condemned to be denied access to the kingdom of God. In this way, they fail to see the true universal nature of religion. Unfortunately this exclusivist mentality leads to increasing chaos and conflict in a world that is already too much overburdened by chaos and conflict. Religion is supposed to be God’s gift to man so that he can have a heaven on earth and qualify to return to God’s kingdom upon leaving his current body. So what is going wrong? And what can be done to change it?

    What’s going wrong is that we approach God to fulfill our desires instead of His desires. In other words we approach Him with our contaminated consciousness of subtly considering ourselves to be the Supreme. We place ourselves over Him by asking Him to serve us instead of us serving Him. This is selfishness, not selflessness. And this is what is going wrong in the hearts of practically everyone who approaches God. To change this we must teach that selfless service to Supreme Person is the only way that one can experience genuine complete happiness. If the hand wants to get nourishment, it must give the food to the belly. God is like the belly and we are like the hand. So we must give everything to God. In this way, we will be the best servants of God and all living beings including ourselves.

    So, the universal religion is pure selfless service to the Supreme Person, the source of all existence. The language of the universal religion takes different shapes according to the different traditions. But when one goes deep enough into any one tradition, he will arrive at exactly the same conclusion as anyone else who follows his own religious tradition deeply enough. Therefore instead of getting side tracked by the differences of the religious traditions, we should immediately try to capture the pure essence of religion, the universal religion of pure, unadulterated, selfless, loving service for the Supreme Person.

    The difficulty is that we currently have a drastic shortage of enlightened teachers on this planet who are fully tuned into the original, pure essence of religion, the universal religion of pure selfless devotion to God. An enlightened teacher is someone who has gone deep enough into his own tradition to find the one universal root of all traditions. He is a teacher who has fully realized the one universal or absolute truth underlying all relative truths. If planet earth had a sufficient abundance of such enlightened teachers in each tradition, there could be instituted a global educational system which would easily bring to this tattered global society a truly profound golden era of peace, prosperity, and happiness for all.

    This is the day that we are praying and crying for, Lord. May it come soon! May it come soon! May it come soon!

    Sankarshan Das Adhikari

    Today’s “Thought for the Day” was inspired by a conversation I had over breakfast on Saturday 22 January 2011 at ISKCON’s center in Los Angeles, California, USA with Dr. Francis Clooney, the Director of the Center for the Study of World Religions at the Harvard Divinity School–Harvard University

  6. yulia ulap kintarti says:

    the way to the spiritual value add
    I was happy to hear this blog. be continue

    yulia ulap k

  7. Vigneswari Nadaraj says:

    And so goes Kaliyuga-the shift from materialism to spirituality in preparation for the Satya yuga. It is absolutely natural that mankind searches for reason in a world escalating towards insanity. I always thought that spirituality was inevitable as all old souls tend to the spiritual.
    I see my dharma as a teacher who can spread these values to our charges. I am an Emergency physician without kids so I will need all the hep I can find.
    Vicky Nadaraj

  8. Liridonaa says:

    YES .spirituality issues are the core of every linivg soul .and since physical death results in pure spiritual perfection for the saint in Christ, then it is also the main thing with those souls no longer residing in this fleshly plane of existence. Religion is simply the expression of our spirituality. Take note however that the term spirituality also includes evil spirits, as well as good. Therefore caution and watchfulness is the order of the day. By the way, religion matures us as we put faith in practice, but our issues reach resolution individually. This can become a collective change, such as the Reformation or the great revivals at the turn of the century, where whole cities and area would change their focus towards things above, thereby effecting a change in lifestyle and relationships and socio-economic structure.

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