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The Root of Addiction

How many of us have in one form or another suffered from some sort of an addiction? Well, I guess most of us do have experience of an addiction; some of us climb out of it while some succumb to it. Some are not so lucky though, and their lives are ruined by their uncontrollable indulgence, be it in alcohol, drugs or the like.

So, what really is an addiction? It simply refers to our inability to rein in our mind and senses from an object which we think gives us pleasure. When we are unable to resist the temptation or the urge to do something we enjoy, or we aren’t able to take our mind off it, then we are addicted to that activity or thing. Well, frankly there are two sides to it; we may be addicted to something which does us good or to that which bring us harm. Continue reading

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Tuition Boom: A Failure of the Academic Education System?

So, now we are left with the question: why is there a tuition boom in Singapore? Is it something that everyone does so as to get ahead of the rest? Or is it because they do not want to miss out on the tuition bandwagon, so that they are “not left behind”? Or could it be that students do not sufficiently understand what’s being taught in the classroom? Or are they not as attentive as they should be in the classroom, and if so, what are the teachers doing about it? Or are teachers not particularly concerned if the students have understood the lesson as long as the syllabus is covered? Well, these are just some probing thoughts to which it would be good to have answers.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m in no way suggesting that tuition is not necessary. It is for those who do not have a strong grounding in the subject or who need more time to understand a particular concept. But to say that tuition is a given necessity is plain misleading and in fact wrong! The consequences of depending on tuition will only lead to lower standards of teaching and a waning attitude of attentiveness and discipline in the classroom on the part of the students. Continue reading

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The Art of Teaching

The thankless role of the teacher is of paramount importance for a child to receive a good education. Not only does the teacher equip the child with the skills needed for work, she also provides the example of her being. The child sees the teacher as a role model, someone who can be looked up to for all the right reasons. The child looks up to the teacher as a guide, a counsellor, an advisor, a confidante, a friend, a mentor. The role of the teacher cannot be overstated. However, the dilemma is: the majority of teachers today do not taken upon themselves this task. Continue reading

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Design or No Design

If we know for a fact that the artificial flower or the picture of a flower was designed by man, it is preposterous and utterly insane of us to say that the real or actual flower, which is found abundantly in gardens around the world, has its existence due to chance. It simply does not make any logical sense. Continue reading

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Chance vs Choice

The many unanswered questions about life and its origins, and their corresponding theories that have been postulated, can essentially be encapsulated in two simple words – Chance and Choice. These two words, simple as they may seem, have far-reaching diametrically opposite implications. One suggests that the universe and its byproducts have suddenly come about due to the conditions of the physical environment in which they existed, after which a natural development took place based on the physical laws of the time and space; the other suggests that the beginning of the universe and its developments and its physical and non-physical laws have taken place due to a well-planned design, one based on free will and consciousness. Continue reading

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