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The Root of Addiction

How many of us have in one form or another suffered from some sort of an addiction? Well, I guess most of us do have experience of an addiction; some of us climb out of it while some succumb to it. Some are not so lucky though, and their lives are ruined by their uncontrollable indulgence, be it in alcohol, drugs or the like.

So, what really is an addiction? It simply refers to our inability to rein in our mind and senses from an object which we think gives us pleasure. When we are unable to resist the temptation or the urge to do something we enjoy, or we aren’t able to take our mind off it, then we are addicted to that activity or thing. Well, frankly there are two sides to it; we may be addicted to something which does us good or to that which bring us harm. Continue reading

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Life Comes From Life

Although the scientific paradigm requires one to demonstrate the hypothesis being tested, nowhere around us can we see life being produced out of matter. A living woman gives birth to a child, not a dead woman. Chemicals such as urine, tears, and bile are produced within our body when the body is alive; a corpse can never produce such chemicals. We have no evidence that life arises from chemicals or matter. Rather, we are surrounded with evidence that chemicals are produced in the presence of life. Continue reading

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Faith: The Common Factor of Science and Spirituality

Without a certain degree of trust or faith, we could become too fearful to even board a bus. So, faith is a reality we all live with in daily circumstances. The real question lies in where we choose to put our faith and more fundamentally the authenticity or validity of the source of knowledge upon which we base that decision. Ultimately the test of faith lies in seeing or experiencing whether the desired result is obtained or not as predicted. In the case of the example of the bus or airplane, we would never know the result if we chose to never get aboard. The act of placing our so-called blind faith would be justified if we obtain the result of arriving at our desired destination. Continue reading

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The Indispensable Need For A Teacher

Motivation speakers tell us that we have to believe in our own ability to reach our potential, that we can achieve the impossible if we put our mind to it. There may be some truth to this. However, notwithstanding the level of intelligence we have been endowed with, the role of a teacher in our achievements or in realizing our potential cannot be overstated. At every stage of our development, we do need a teacher to help us reach the next level. Yet, it is indeed amusing that when it comes to the field of spirituality, the necessity of having a teacher is overlooked or even scorned at. Continue reading

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Science, Religion and Spirituality

By Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India

We are living in a world of unprecedented change. Human knowledge, particularly scientific and technological knowledge, is increasing at a pace which was unthinkable only a few decades ago. In its material sense, science has indeed revolutionized the very basis of human existence. The civilization in which we live today has been profoundly influenced by science and technology, particularly by their ability to harness nature to serve humankind. The great saga of modern scientific discoveries and their practical manifestation in new technologies bring out how the human mind in a disciplined pursuit of science has developed an extraordinary capacity to wrest from nature truths whose applications have greatly enhanced our capacity to satisfy human wants. The advance of science and technology is forcing social, economic, political and cultural institutions everywhere to adjust and adapt to the fast-changing environmental conditions. Advances in the spheres of transport, communication and information technologies are fast creating an interdependent global economy. At the same time, unequal access to science and technology is leading to a widening of disparities in income and wealth between rich and poor people in a country and between rich and poor nations. Continue reading

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A Linear Path In A Cyclical World

The rising and setting of the sun, the lunar phases that we experience from full moon to no moon to full moon again, the seasonal changes from winter to spring to summer to autumn and back to winter, the economic highs and lows from boom to crash and up again, all of these occur in cycles over periods of different lengths. Well, in a sense, virtually everything that we see around us seems to occur in cycles, some within the experience of our short life span, and some beyond. Even sound waves and light waves are cyclical in nature, as well as the movement of the electron about the nucleus of an atom. Continue reading

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Living Non-Optimum Lives

The root of this enigma is the fundamental value system governing society, based on the paradigm or model of life. The current undergrowth of the principle that life has arisen due to nothing but a combination of chemicals has been the major catalyst for this predicament that we are in. If life were to be reduced to mere chemicals, molecules of no value, then there would be no real meaning or purpose of life. Even if our lives were to end today, it would be of no great significance. Even if the whole world were to be destroyed, the apt question would be: so what? Such a reductionist approach would lead to the idea of exploitation of the earth’s resources as well as of each other, with no feeling of remorse of guilt for our actions or the resultant consequences. We would be living a life without a conscience; there is no need for it. But the reality is that the converse is true. We are concerned about the environment, at least some of us are. We are angry when there is abuse and exploitation. We are! We do have a conscience as we are not a mixture of a combination of unconscious chemicals – we are conscious, sentient beings with feelings, emotions, desires, aspirations and hope. Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Our whole conception of beauty is mostly based on the outer physical appearance, one based on this body that we are currently in possession of. For this reason, the beauty advertisements propagate the notion that we would experience a transformation in our confidence for the better with a new hairdo, a slimmer waist, brighter and fairer skin, etc. But it never seems to end, does it? We become constantly more conscious about our skin, whether a pimple is about to erupt on our countenance, whether our eyelashes are long enough, whether our hair is the right colour and whether it matches the colour of our eyes, whether we have the right tan or skin tone, whether wrinkles are starting to form… the anxiety doesn’t seem to end. Continue reading

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Chemical Evolution: A Molecular Concept Of Life

The idea of the primitive reducing atmosphere has received strong and serious criticisms from scientists of various disciplines. Their arguments suggest overwhelming drawbacks in the conjecture. Available data from geology, geophysicists and geochemistry argue strongly against this idea. Continue reading

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Applied Spiritual Technology

How often to do we give some thought to our identity? Who are we really? What is the mind or what is the intellect? How do they interact with each other? Why do we get angry? Or greedy? Or even lustful for objects of desire? Why can’t we control these things? Or how are others able to do so? What happens when a child is born? Why is a child born? What’s the difference between a dead man and a man alive? Why must we grow old? Why do we die? What is death? Now, aren’t these questions of scientific study? The great scientists of our time and of yore have pondered on the answers to such questions, inquiries about the ultimate reality. Continue reading

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