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Science, Religion and Spirituality

By Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India

We are living in a world of unprecedented change. Human knowledge, particularly scientific and technological knowledge, is increasing at a pace which was unthinkable only a few decades ago. In its material sense, science has indeed revolutionized the very basis of human existence. The civilization in which we live today has been profoundly influenced by science and technology, particularly by their ability to harness nature to serve humankind. The great saga of modern scientific discoveries and their practical manifestation in new technologies bring out how the human mind in a disciplined pursuit of science has developed an extraordinary capacity to wrest from nature truths whose applications have greatly enhanced our capacity to satisfy human wants. The advance of science and technology is forcing social, economic, political and cultural institutions everywhere to adjust and adapt to the fast-changing environmental conditions. Advances in the spheres of transport, communication and information technologies are fast creating an interdependent global economy. At the same time, unequal access to science and technology is leading to a widening of disparities in income and wealth between rich and poor people in a country and between rich and poor nations. Continue reading

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