Life Comes From Life

The theory that life comes from matter is a misleading one. Not only is it unscientific, but it also does not make any logical sense.

Although the scientific paradigm requires one to demonstrate the hypothesis being tested, nowhere around us can we see life being produced out of matter. A living woman gives birth to a child, not a dead woman. Chemicals such as urine, tears, and bile are produced within our body when the body is alive; a corpse can never produce such chemicals. We have no evidence that life arises from chemicals or matter. Rather, we are surrounded with evidence that chemicals are produced in the presence of life.

The difference between a living body and a dead one is that of consciousness. Our awareness of our body or state of mind is due to the presence of consciousness, which is the symptom of life. The non-living elements that our body is made of – Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen – do not possess consciousness and cannot be used to create life. Surprisingly though, the belief that life evolved from chemicals is widespread today and is even found in textbooks in schools. Such a paradigm is not only misleading but has grave implications in the formation of character as well as for the future of society. If life were to have arisen from chemicals, then there is no actual purpose or meaning to life. This would give rise to unscrupulous, irresponsible behavior since it fosters the idea that all ends when life ends, and that there are no consequences to consider. However, surely we attach meaning and purpose to life. Otherwise, why do we strive so hard to achieve any ideal or cause if we are nothing but chemicals? Why search out activities that make us happy? How do we explain our mind or consciousness or intuition?

We can see ample evidence around us that one living being begets another to logically conclude that life comes from life and not from matter. A mechanistic paradigm of life which reduces our being to atoms and molecules implies there’s no meaning or purpose to life, and encourages exploitation of the world around us as well as of each other.

About Aristotle Motii Nandy

Education Consultant - Leading the Global Character Revolution; proponent of the understanding that life comes from life and not from matter. I believe in the need for a paradigm shift away from mechanistic model of life towards a holistic paradigm, where children are, from a very young age, allowed to develop according to their ability in order to reach their true potential.
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