SPIRITON-RI was started due to the urgent need for a new paradigm of education. The steady decline of values in society as evident in the escalation of juvenile delinquency and other crimes begs us to ponder upon the quality of the education we have in schools today.

Although people are becoming more literate and technology-savvy, the finer qualities of human behaviour are left abegging. Hence, the primary objective of SPIRITON-RI is to make a difference in the world today and for future generations to come.

This can be achieved by a holistic approach to life and living, not one based on a mechanistic model of life where everything is reduced to atoms and molecules, but one based on sound values.

SPIRITON refers to the anti-material particle of life, which cannot be measured in physical terms. The term ‘spiriton’ was coined by the legendary pilgrim of peace Dr. T.D. Singh, founding member of the United Religions Initiative (URI), International Director of the Bhaktivedanta Institute, and also pioneer of the Science & Spirituality dialogue.

Dr. Singh worked tirelessly to establish that ‘Life comes from Life’ and the ‘God is a Person’, through his numerous meetings and dialogues with the greatest thinkers and scientists of our time such as Charles Townes, William Phillips, Desmond Tutu, Linus Pauling. the Dalai Lama and Michael Behe.

“The distinction between the electron and the spiriton is: the electron has no consciousness but the spiriton has consciousness.”
– Dr. T.D. Singh –

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