Leading the Global Character Revolution

SPIRITON RENAISSANCE INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of solutions for cultivating the human spirit - developing essential values such as compassion, truthfulness, integrity, objectivity, forgiveness, humility, courage, determination and the like for the betterment of society.

In a world where everything gravitates towards dollars and cents based on a mechanistic paradigm of life, SPIRITON RENAISSANCE INTERNATIONAL seeks to make a difference in the lives of individuals, as well as that of society by developing a culture of reflection and introspection in the quest for discovering a higher purpose and meaning in life. This is effected in several ways - through values-based education, teacher & parent education, drama and creative productions, interfaith dialogue and cooperation, and the interface of science and spirituality.

.: Education

Curriculum Design | Parent & Teacher Education | Consultancy

SPIRITON RENAISSANCE INTERNATIONAL strongly believes that values-based education is much needed in society today. SPIRITON-RI is committed to working with schools and families to inculcate a culture where the imparting of essential life-long values is the focus of the curriculum at home and in school.

firefox-grayOne such school supported by SPIRITON RENAISSANCE INTERNATIONAL's education services is Bhaktivedanta Dharma School, a not-for-profit kindergarten and primary school in Denpasar-Bali . Among the services provided by SPIRITON-RI include teacher training workshops and assessment, parent education, curriculum design and road mapping. Other education institutions where SPIRITON-RI's founder Aristotle Motii Nandy had worked with include:

  • Singapore PIAGET Academy, Solo Raya (Central Java)
  • BPK Penabur Jakarta (SMUK 1, 5 and Gading Serpong)
  • Bina Bangsa School, Jakarta (Kebun Jeruk & Pantai Indah Kapuk) and
  • Gokul Kidz (Mumbai)

firefox-gray SPIRITON RENAISSANCE INTERNATIONAL works with teachers and parents to connect with children. Essentially, good communication and investing time in the lives of the children are the simplest yet most effective solutions to the problems we see in society today.

SPIRITON-RI conducts seminars and workshops on 'Positive Discipline' and 'Connecting with Children' in addition to other character development programs.

.: Family Edutainment

Bhagavad-Gita Quest - A World's First Spiritual Family Education Set

firefox-grayIn line with the SPIRITON RENAISSANCE INTERNATIONAL belief in values-based education, BHAGAVAD-GITA QUEST (BGQ), the World's First Board Game Education Set based on the Bhagavad-Gita was developed. The game seeks to help families bond, where parents and children have fun while discussing essential life-long values.

The NEW REVISED EDITION OF BGQ has been made available since June 2019. SPIRITON-RI is also working on other similar programs for families.

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Bhagavad-Gita Quiz App for Android (Full-Paid & Free Versions)

firefox-grayThe BG Quiz App is a fun and effective way for anyone to learn more about the historical background and teachigns of the Bhagavad-Gita, and also to be familiar with the verses. It's available in both Android and iOS platform. Please find the links for the FULL Version here: Android version on Google PlayStore and iOS version on Apple AppStore. To get the FREE Version of the BG Quiz App, please click here or get it on Google PlayStore

.: Publications

Reflections for the Soul - Pearls of Vedic Wisdom based on the Bhagavad-Gita

firefox-grayTIMELESS WISDOM with more than 108 quotes from the Bhagavad-Gita. This pocket-sized compendium is an ideal companion for all who seek inspiration, solace and guidance in their day-to-day life. Ranging from topics such as determination and education to peace and truth, Reflections for the Soul is a great gift for the young and old. Strongly recommended by Einstein, Gandhi, Emerson and other great minds of yore.
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Simple Truth - The Axioms of Life by Robert Carol

firefox-gray Written as a personal recount of his journey on the path of self-discovery, Robert Carol, renowned author of Vedic-based literature, sheds light onto the questions many of us ask: Who am I? Am I this body which is constantly changing or am I an eternal being? Am I the mind or am I beyond the mind? If so, how can I realize my actual identity? Will I continue to exist when this body ceases to exist? Simple Truth takes you along Robert's journey of spiritual wonder and enlightenment.


GOKUL KIDZ Activity Book Cultivating Culture, Competence and Character

firefox-gray A must-have for children from ages 8 to 14. Replete with a range of activities centred around Vedic spirituality and culture, this activity book helps develop in children spiritual knowledge, understanding and reflection, as well as sharpen their proficiency in the English language, concentration skills and problem-solving ability. Content includes crosswords, reading comprehension, word searches, sequencing, grammar & vocabulary cloze passages, anecdotal stories, Vedic etiquette, matching and various types of puzzzles. For bulk purchase, please contact +91 98960 42075.


SPIRITON RENAISSANCE INTERNATIONAL seeks to provide spiritually uplifting publications for the character development of all. Such literature seeks to develop in the reader an inquiring and thoughtful mind as well as induce a reflective spirit for the awakening of the self within. These publications are based on essential life-long values transcending boundaries of race, religion, space and time.

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