"The highest message of religious and spiritual wisdom is that the human form of life is a matchless gift of God and it should be utilized to perfect human consciousness and to realize the full meaning of life."

"The spiritual traditions of the world teach us to discover the purpose, vision and plan of God behind the wonderful creation."

"Without a certain degree of trust or faith, we could become too fearful to even board a bus."

"All the scriptures proclaim that we are all God’s children. Hence we are all brothers and sisters although we speak different languages, have different colors and different religions. If we recognize and practice this culture of universal brotherhood and sisterhood because we have one common father, then the world will be a very different place."

"Humility means one does not impose his conceptions upon others and he is fully dependent on the mercy of the Lord."

"We have to inquire seriously about the meaning of our existence, what is the purpose of the human form of life, and why have come to this world."

"The happiness that we get through material things is very transient. Therefore, intelligent persons seek for permanent happiness."

"The distinction between the electron and the spiriton is the electron has no consciousness but the spiriton has consciousness."

"One must not waste a single minute, a single moment, in unnecessary activity."

"The student must have a very humble state of mind and also must be very inquisitive."

"... by careful study of science one can appreciate that consciousness is beyond matter, which is the conclusion of spiritual traditions."


Books by Dr. T. D. Singh


Life, Matter and Their Interactions

The rapid advancements in science and technology have enabled us to penetrate deeper into the subatomic world and unfold many secrets behind various life processes. But are we now in a position to answer the question, 'what is life?' Is life an outcome of evolution of matter or a fundamentally different entity altogether? How do we explain various phenomena of life such as consciousness, free will, love, purpose, beauty, etc., which seem to be beyond the mere interaction of biomolecules? On the other hand, if life is beyond matter, how does it interact with matter and what laws does it follow? In this unique volume, the author, Dr. T. D. Singh, examines very closely the finer characteristics of life, matter and the nature of their interactions. The known physical laws of the present day, he proposes, seem quite insufficient to account for the features of life. Drawing insights from the ancient Vedantic texts, he thus presents an alternative view of life beyond molecules. Sixty years after Schrodinger's What is life?, this volume is a brilliant resource for all those interested to delve deeper into the deeper understanding of life.

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God, Intelligent Design and Fine-Tuning

Is God no longer necessary in a world that is increasingly influenced by a scientific temper? Or, on the contrary, have the findings of modern sciences forced us to approach the question of the existence of God in new ways? God, Intelligent Design and Fine-Tuning is a profound exchange between Dr. T. D. Singh and prominent biochemist Prof. Michael J. Behe from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA, exploring how recent advancements in science points amazingly towards God. Over the past four decades, modern biochemistry has uncovered the secrets of cells and has revealed to us the marvelous design even at the molecular level. Advancements in science have also shown us some of the precise laws and unique fundamental constants in the universe. All these facts and observations point to a fine-tuned and specially designed universe with a purpose by a Supreme Being of God. As one journeys through the newly discovered marvels of the cosmos and life discussed in this volume, one will be compelled to reexamine his opinion concerning the origins, evolution and essence of this wonderful world in which we live.

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God Is A Person

Are God and His personality mere imagination of the human mind? Or does He really exist with divine attributes? If He exists and has personality, what kind of person is He? Is He like us with physical bodies shaped with genome and acting in space-time? Or is He a transcendental personality beyond the comprehension of our tiny brains? This volume is an excellent presentation of two classic dialogues T. D. Singh had with two prominent Nobel Laureates in Physics - Charles Townes and William Phillips. Charles Townes received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1964 for his discovery of laser and maser. He also won the Templeton Prize in 2005. William Phillips received the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics for using lasers to cool and trap neutral atoms.

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Science, Spirituality and the Nature of Reality

Since antiquity, many prominent thinkers of the world, from Plato to Tagore and from Newton to Einstein, have attempted to unveil the nature of reality. But reality seems always deeper than our feeble minds can comprehend. Can a combined effort of science and spirituality, the two most dominant forces of humanity, help us to delve deeper into the nature of reality? This unique dialogue between Dr. T. D. Singh and Sir Roger Penrose (like the well-known East-West dialogue between Tagore and Einstein) is a sincere attempt to seek some possible answers to the question of reality. Reflecting on a wide range of topics from consciousness to cosmology and from scientific mystery to mathematical beauty, this dialogue will provide readers with useful insights in their quest for the ultimate reality.

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Seven Nobel Laureates on Science and Spirituality

This unique book edited by Dr. T. D. Singh consists of two dialogues and five essays. This is a sincere effort to bring so many Nobel Laureates together in one publication discussing Science and Spirituality. These seven esteemed contributors are: (1) Prof. Charles Townes, Nobel Laureate in Physics (2) Prof. Werner Arber, Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine (3) His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Nobel Laureate in Peace (4) Prof. George Wald, Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine (5) Ms. Betty Williams, Nobel Laureate in Peace (6) Prof. B. D. Josephson, Nobel Laureate in Physics (7) Prof. Richard R. Ernst, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. These contemporary thinkers explore the link between science and spirituality in several areas of human concern such as, the role of Science and Religion in the search for the Origin of Life, the study of the nature of Consciousness, understanding the purpose behind the Universe, the role of Faith, and Ethical Challenges. With an Introduction by Dr. T. D. Singh and the invaluable insights of the great thinkers presented in this volume, the book is an invaluable resource for all interested in the emerging field of science and spirituality.

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                            Other Titles by Dr. T. D. Singh