"The highest message of religious and spiritual wisdom is that the human form of life is a matchless gift of God and it should be utilized to perfect human consciousness and to realize the full meaning of life."

"The spiritual traditions of the world teach us to discover the purpose, vision and plan of God behind the wonderful creation."

"Without a certain degree of trust or faith, we could become too fearful to even board a bus."

"All the scriptures proclaim that we are all God’s children. Hence we are all brothers and sisters although we speak different languages, have different colors and different religions. If we recognize and practice this culture of universal brotherhood and sisterhood because we have one common father, then the world will be a very different place."

"Humility means one does not impose his conceptions upon others and he is fully dependent on the mercy of the Lord."

"We have to inquire seriously about the meaning of our existence, what is the purpose of the human form of life, and why have come to this world."

"The happiness that we get through material things is very transient. Therefore, intelligent persons seek for permanent happiness."

"The distinction between the electron and the spiriton is the electron has no consciousness but the spiriton has consciousness."

"One must not waste a single minute, a single moment, in unnecessary activity."

"The student must have a very humble state of mind and also must be very inquisitive."

"... by careful study of science one can appreciate that consciousness is beyond matter, which is the conclusion of spiritual traditions."

Dr. Thoudam Damodara Singh, Ph.D.

A Tribute to the Life of a Pilgrim of Peace

Dr. T. D. Singh, also known as His Holiness Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami Sripada Maharaj, was an outstanding exponent of the science-spirituality dialogue and in world peace-building initiatives. His tireless efforts within the past thirty years were revolutionary and have sown the seeds of introspection in the fields of science and spirituality, bringing together some of the best minds in the world - scientists as well as spiritualists - to a common platform of constructive dialogue.

As a scientist in Physical Organic Chemistry, from the University of California, Irvine, USA, and as a spiritualist in the Bhakti-Vedanta tradition, Dr. Singh authored and edited over a dozen renowned books on science and spirituality while traveling extensively the globe over, building bridges between communities, cultures and ideologies. Everywhere he went, he sought to cultivate the human spirit of inquiry, love and peace.  Primarily, he emphasized the need for a new paradigm of life beyond the mechanistic model of atoms and molecules, to include that of consciousness, meaning and purpose.

Universal Brotherhood


Constantly paying tribute to his divine master, Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Dr. T. D. Singh organized numerous seminars and conferences on the synthesis of science and religion, conducted arts and cultural performances, and established close relationships with religious leaders and scientists in all parts of the world.

Through his meetings and discussions, he highlighted the unifying elements of the different philosophical, cultural and religious paradigms as the basis for world peace. This, he felt, could be achieved by cultivating the finer qualities of life such as nobility, honesty, objectivity, sincerity, compassion, forgiveness and humility among others, while at the same time searching for the ultimate reality and purpose of life.

church In addition, Dr. Singh was a key member of the United Religions Initiative (URI) founded by Bishop E. Swing under the auspices of the United Nations. Through the URI, Dr. Singh played a very active role in getting leaders of the world’s religions in several parts of the globe to meet and work towards greater understanding of each other. In fact, in honour of Dr. Singh, the URI held its Global Assembly 2008 at the world headquarters of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness in Sridham Mayapur, where religious leaders of all faiths from the globe over gathered for dialogue on peace, understanding and cooperation.

In the land of his birth, Manipur, a state in northern India, Dr. Singh was instrumental in founding the URI Manipur Cooperation Circle. He also established schools and even a nature-cure hospital there as well as in other parts of Northeastern India. Dr. Singh also started the University of Bhagavata Culture, the first of its kind in the world with a broad range of programs and faculties based on Vedic culture. In addition, he unraveled to the world the richness of Manipuri culture through his cultural arts troupe called Ranganiketan, which not only graced headlines across continents, but which also tugged at heartstrings for its rhythmic beatitudes of harmony and peace.

churchDespite his stature as a world figure, Dr. Singh was personal in his dealings with whomever he met. Indeed, it appeared that the Divine had treasured in him a stunning combination of exceptionally unique qualities. Dr. Singh’s life, works and teachings mark a new chapter in humanity’s quest for the Ultimate Reality.


Books by Dr. T. D. Singh

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